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When the next thunderstorm rolls into Northern California, your home heating and cooling system, electronics, and appliances could be at risk for power surges caused by lightning strikes. 

Lightning does not have to hit your Rancho Cordova home directly to cause a power catastrophe. Lightning strikes to utility poles, wires, and transformers can zap your electrical panel with overwhelming voltage, causing a surge that can destroy your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system in a split second. 

Surge solutions

You can unplug all equipment and turn off your HVAC system as a precaution before the storm hits. A better solution is a whole-house surge protector from AAA Electrical Services. Our licensed electricians can install a surge protector in a few hours. 

A power surge sends high voltage electricity through your electrical panel, wiring, outlets, and into anything plugged into outlets. A whole-house surge protector diverts the dangerous, excess voltage from your electrical system through your home’s grounding wire. 

It stops external or internal power surges from ruining your HVAC, appliances, and electronics and gives you peace of mind. 

Lightning Risk

Lightning can be a relatively rare occurrence in California compared with other states, but in recent years when it has occurred, it has sometimes been extreme. 

According to the 2022 United States Lightning Report by AEM, a Maryland company that helps businesses alleviate risk from flooding, wildfires, and severe weather, lightning flashed over 600,000 times in California that year.

Approximately 66,000 lightning bolts occurred in one day during a storm that swept through the state in late June that year. In January this year, storms fueled by atmospheric rivers blasted through San Francisco and Sacramento, lighting up the sky with hundreds of lightning flashes in just a few hours. 

Lightning may happen infrequently, but it packs a powerful punch when it hits the ground. Without protection, you risk a power surge when lightning strikes. Let AAA Electrical Services protect your home and safety with a whole-house surge protector. 

Rolling Blackouts

Utility companies sometimes institute rolling blackouts if weather is likely to topple wires and utility poles, which may ignite wildfires. They also may respond to excessive demand on the power grid by scheduling a rolling blackout, which shuts down portions of the power grid for a few hours at a time. 

The surge can happen when the company restores power to your Rancho Cordova home. 

Here are some other causes:

A power surge may occur when your utility company switches your power from one grid to another. 

Falling tree limbs and other debris can damage power lines and cause an outage and a surge when power comes back. 

Major appliances turning on or off can produce a power spike. 

A power surge can send a few volts of electricity to thousands of volts into your electrical system. Repeated power surges that do not immediately destroy your equipment can shorten service life and eventually cause a breakdown. 

Protect Your Home Today

A power surge can damage your appliances, budget, and daily routine. AAA Electrical Services can help guard your Rancho Cordova, CA, home against high voltage spikes and repeated surges that damage your electrical appliances and devices.  Call us at 916-972-7515 or request service online. 

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